Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips

Top Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips

Kim Kardashian, an Armenian beauty and reality show queen, has been praised for her effortless style and perfectly applied makeup. The reality show beauty has been at the forefront of every magazine and news broadcast; her face is perfectly made-up at all times. Kim K definitely knows her way around the makeup counter and, as a result, she has been voted as the woman with the most beauty smarts by People Magazine. This article will list and describe some of Kim’s favorite products and Kim Kardashian makeup tips.

Kim Kardashian makeup tips always #1:

Kim Kardashian certainly knows that shaping and defining your eyebrows is a simple way to open up your eyes. A tool that Kim K can’t live without is her “Billion Dollar Brows Brow Buddy Shaping Kit.” This special tool measures your facial features, so you never have to over tweeze your brows again. Then, after creating the perfect shape, the reality show vixen usually applies some brown eyeliner to intensify the color of her brows. “It helps add definition to my eyes, and adding color to my brows certainly makes them look more polished,” she says.

Kim Kardashian makeup tips #2:

“Nothing brings your whole look together like a pair of falsies,” Kim Kardashian has been noted saying. Kim Kardashian is well- known for her spider-like lashes, and she certainly makes an effort to keep them that way. One way that she adds volume to her mile long lashes is by using Lancôme Doll Lashes. “I can’t live without this mascara,” Kim has said,” the trick to applying mascara without clumping is by applying several thin layers, instead of one thick and clumpy one.” The mascara that the middle Kardashian sister loves: M.A.C Zoom Fast Black Lab Mascara. “It certainly helps you get the thickest lashes ever,” Raved Kardashian. Another way that Kim gets the lush lash look is by applying falsies or false eyelashes. Falsies are definitely stereotyped as difficult to apply or fake looking. But, picking the right lashes can make the difference between fake or lush. The Brand that Kim loves: Lashes by Eyelure.


Kim Kardashian makeup tips #3:

Kim K usually sports the smoky eye look, but a lot of women fear the iconic eye shadow technique because one wrong move with the makeup brush can leave you with a tough case of raccoon eyes. The trick to applying the smoky eye look is to break it down into three parts: Base color, contrasting color and blending. First, take silver eye shadow, and swipe it over the lid of your eyes. Next, at the corner of your eyes and over your lids, swipe the darker shade of gray. Then, with your finger, blend the two colors together to create the smoky look. Finish the look off with mascara and the right eyeliner. Kim K’s Favorite eye shadow palate: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Smoker Alarm.

Kim Kardashian makeup tips #4:

Kim Kardashian is well-known for her lush lips, and a trick that the reality star can’t live without is by always choosing the right shade of lipstick. Each person has their own distinct skin color; as a result, not all lip stick shades will look good on you. Kim Kardashian, with her olive color skin, knows exactly what a difference the right shade of lipstick makes. If you have olive colored skin like Kim’s, a cherry color lipstick is your best option because it can help combat the shallow color that your skin is prone to.

Kim Kardashian makeup tips #5

Blushing is very important to Kim Kardashian for several reasons; one being that it helps add color to her face. “It’s an easy way to add an innocent vibe to my makeup,” the star has been noted in saying. The blush Kim Loves to wear is Victoria’s Secret VS Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush in At Last. A great thing about this product is that the minerals inside of it help nourish and fortify your skin.
“Another thing that I love about blush is that it helps me create the perfect skin contours,” Kim has said,” What I do is I smile and apply blush to the apples of my check, and then I simply add illuminator to the hollow of my cheeks.”

Kim Kardashian makeup tips # 6:

The one makeup trick that Kim can’t live without is the face contouring technique. “It helps add definition to my face and make my bone structure pop,” raved the Kardashian sister. And it’s true, face contouring is a technique used to add or enhance someone’s bone structure. Face contouring seems complicated, but in reality it isn’t as difficult as it seems. First, apply your foundation, liquid or powder, and concealer. Then, add some loose powder under your eyes to hide dark under eye circles. Next, you will take a dark blush and apply it to under the apples of your checks in a fluid motion. And finally, add the highlighter to spots such as the hollow of your cheeks. The skin contouring technique is like magic,” says Seventeen Magazine editor Ann Shoket, “It really helps enhance your overall bone structure and create the perfect look.”

Kim Kardashian makeup tips #7:

Like it was mentioned before, eyelashes can make a huge difference in your appearance. However, a great trick that Kim K uses is to curl your lashes before you apply your mascara. Curling your lashes beforehand will help open up your eye because sometimes, uncurled lashes can make your eyes seem closed and smaller. The eyelash curler that Kim Karsahsian loves is the Pro-Curl Curler by Tweezerman

Kim Kardashian makeup tips #8:

Going to bed without removing your makeup is basically skin sabotage. “Your makeup can collect thousands of dirt particles and free radicals that can lead to acne and skin problems,” says dermatologist Linda Franks, “By not removing your makeup before going to bed, you are creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.” The Makeup remover Kim K swears by is the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towels in Night Calming. This Product will help you effortlessly remove your makeup without tugging at your skin, which can lead to future wrinkles and saggy skin. “The Neutrogena Makeup remover is definitely one of my must-haves, and it leaves a soothing scent behind, “says Kim.

Kim Kardashian makeup tips #9:

Armenians are known for their year round tans, but Kim usually likes to use a little bronzing powder to combat some of the shallow undertones in her skin. The product Kim loves is The Dior Beauty Diorskin Gold Shimmer. With a large makeup brush, swipe some of this powder on the areas that the sun usually hits such as your forehead, nose, chin and apples of you checks. This product is a great way to add a sunny, tan look to your skin.

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